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What We Do

  Our business specializes in the sale and installation of bulk materials such as bark, compost, and soil amendments. High Desert Mulching is one of the leading businesses in our industry due to our companies’ dedication to its customers.

High Desert Mulching offers several options on how our products can be purchased-

Our retail yard is open to anyone wanting haul material themselves. Please visit us between operating business hours and we can load your pick-up or trailer by the cubic yard, or if you need only a small amount you can buy a half yard, or you can buy many products by the bag.  Our hours of operation vary seasonally.  Currently, for the winter hours we are open 7:30am - 3:30pm Monday-Friday, Saturdays and Sundays we are closed.

For the “Do-it-Yourselfers”, we offer dump deliveries. Just let us know your product of choice and how much you need, and we'll bring the product to your location.  Quantity minimums and fees may apply.

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As for our specialty, we offer Blower Truck Installation. What would take someone with a wheelbarrow and shovel, possibly days to complete, would only take us just a few short hours. With that smooth, finished surface that can’t be done by hand, you’ll be amazed by the final product.  For landscapers and homeowners alike, Blower installations are great for large areas, and those hard to reach places, such as layered landscape terraces, steep hillsides, and rooftop gardens. We are ready for ANY obstacle!