Yardage Calculator

Blower Truck Installation Preparation

  • Please refrain from watering your grass and the rest of your yard 24 hours before blower installation.
  • Turn off all automatic sprinkler systems.
  • If surfaces are wet, bark tends to stick to and possibly stain nearby surfaces.
  • Make sure all your doors and windows are closed.
  • Please turn off air conditioner if we will be working near the unit.
  • Please cover water features or other areas that may be sensitive to contamination of bark dust.
  • Please confine pets and have all pet droppings picked up prior to our arrival.
  • Please have beds prepared and ready to be barked. (i.e. weeds, pine needles, and debris removed, and any pre-emergent applied.)
  • Remember, the cleaner and smoother the bed areas are before we start, the less bark it will take to make it look PERFECT!

Dump Delivery Preparation

  • Please have designated area ready for delivery.
  • Look around for low power lines and tree limbs when choosing an area for bark to be dumped.
  • If bark is being dumped on gravel, we suggest laying a tarp down first to help prevent the mixing of materials.

Pick it Up!

Helpful tips to remember when entering the Retail Yard:

  • Please check your tire pressure and suspension componants of any vehicle or trailer that will be hauling product. All vehicles will be loaded at your own risk.  We will not be responsible for any damage incurred due to loading/over loading.
  • Please drive 5mph or less in the parking lot and loading yard.
  • Watch out for loaders and forklift.
  • NO SMOKING or open flame.
  • Please keep all children and pets inside vehicle.
  • Remember to bring a tarp to cover and secure your load for transport.
  • If you have any other questions about picking up material yourself, please call us.
  • We look foreward to seeing you!