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Mulch Products


Dark Hemlock Bark

  • Rich Brown in color
  • Screened at 1¼  of an inch
  • less slivers than fir products

Red Hemlock Bark

  • Naturally Red in color
  • Screened at a 1.5 inch minus
  • Less slivers than fir products

Fine Fir Bark

  • Orange / Red in color
  • Screened at ¾ of an inch
  • Slivers - we suggest wearing gloves

Medium Fir Bark

  • Orange / Red in color
  • Screened at 2½ inches
  • Slivers- we recommend wearing gloves

Color Mulch Black

  • Black dyed Fine Fir
  • Bio friendly iron-oxide dye
  • Holds color 2+ years
  • Slivers- we suggest wearing gloves

High Desert Blend

  • A mixture of trees from around Central Oregon
  • Dyed with Bio-Friendly Iron Oxide Dye
  • Dark Brown in color and holds color for 2+ years

1 inch Fir Nuggets

  • Reddish Brown in Color
  • Slivers – We suggest wearing gloves


Compost and Soil Products

Composts are primarily used for introducing nutrients back into the soil, breaking up compacted soils to provide aeration and water penetration; thereby improving root development. Compost also works well as a mulch for top dressing planter beds, or as a bulking agent for potting mixes.

Introducing High Desert Mulching’s Ecotone line of products!



Central Oregon Compost –

  • Made locally in Bend
  • Made from 100% recycled green debris
  • Great for amending the soil and planting.
  • Screened at 3/4"
  • Manure Free, Food Waste Free

Ultra Fine Compost –

  • Made locally in Bend
  • Made from 100% recycled green debris
  • Screened at 3/8”
  • Great for top dressing lawns
  • Manure Free, Food Waste Free 

Soil Conditioner –

  • Screened at 3/8” minus
  • Aged forest humus, Ultra Fine Compost and pumice.

50/50 Mix -

  • 50% Clean screened topsoil
  • 50% C/O Compost
  • No Mixing or rototilling required!
  • Plant directly into and grow

Compost Speader -

  • Available for Rent: $25.00 per day


Certified Playground Chips

Certified Playground Chips

  • Certified Playground Chips are a very light, natural wood color. The material is made up of fresh wood chip fibers, screened at 1¾ inch in length, down to ½ inch with some fines that help with the compaction and overall performance of the product.
  • Our Playground Chips are primarily used for playground surfaces, but can also be used for garden paths, walkways, jogging trails, dog kennels and other areas that require a material that will stand up under normal to heavy usage.
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM Standards for Certified Playground Chips in public playgrounds