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Blower Truck Installation Preparation

  • Please refrain from watering your grass and the rest of your yard 24 hours before blower installation.
  • Turn off all automatic sprinkler systems.
  • If surfaces are wet, bark tends to stick to and possibly stain nearby surfaces.
  • Make sure all your doors and windows are closed.
  • Please turn off air conditioner if we will be working near the unit.
  • Please cover water features or other areas that may be sensitive to contamination of bark dust.
  • Please confine pets and have all pet droppings picked up prior to our arrival.
  • Please have beds prepared and ready to be barked. (i.e. weeds, pine needles, and debris removed, and any pre-emergent applied.)
  • Remember, the cleaner and smoother the bed areas are before we start, the less bark it will take to make it look PERFECT!