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Mulch Fact Sheet

Colorant Safety

Our Amerimulch® colored mulches are made from some of the safest colorants available. They contain no solvents and virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Independent laboratory safety test classify the product as Category IV1, the lowest possible concern category. Safe for the environment and safe for people our colored mulches make your landscape complete.

Fire Safety

Every year hundreds of mulch fires occur in landscapes around the country2, but just changing mulches is not always the solution. Studies have shown that a discarded cigarette can ignite mulches ranging from recycled pallets to shredded cypress3. Even nonorganic mulches such as ground rubber had a surprisingly consistent ignition rate4. Often the initial spark will smolder for many hours prior to a fire. It is for this reason many people will walk away from a cigarette butt not realizing it may lead to a full fire hours later.

Fortunately following a few simple steps can protect against mulch fires.

Eliminate the Spark

Common sources that create the spark include; discarded cigarettes, small engine exhaust sparks, barbeques, debris burning, etc. Even a metal strike such as a metal on a rock can in certain circumstances start a mulch fire. Be sure to check for smoldering after mowing the lawn, barbequing or any time you suspect a potential spark.

Keep it thin

Keep your mulch layer less than 4” and never leave a pile greater than 3 feet unattended for an extended length of time.

Keep it moist5

Moist mulch helps prevent smoldering from unwanted sparks and eliminates dry fuel required for a full fire. Be sure to check frequently during hot dry weather.

Maintain separataion

Keep combustible structures 18” or more from mulch beds

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