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Benefits of Bark Mulch

People choose to use bark mulch in their landscapes for many different reasons. Bark provides a contrasting color scheme that will enhance the curb appeal of any yard. Not only does bark mulch give trees and other landscape features a finished, uniformed appearance, but it has many other physical benefits as well.

 A depth of 2"-3" of bark is recommended in planter beds to provide maximum protection to plants.  This is the total depth of both older existing bark and new bark. Check the current depth of existing bark before ordering to help determine how much new bark will be needed.       stgaerer


*Note-There is such a thing as too much bark.  Placing bark too thick or applying every year can cause an anaerobic layer that neither water or oxygen can penetrate. Bark needs time to break down naturally. Allowing too much bark (more than 2") to build up around the base of plants and tree is also advised against. The average application of bark for Central Oregon landscapes is 2"-3" on bare dirt and new landscape installations, then, a 1" maintenance color coat every 2 years after that.


                                                                                    -Happy Growing!